Robot Reducer Industry Drives New Trends in Cross-Roller Bearing Market

In recent years, with the rapid developing of China's automation industrial and robotics industrial, especially in the automotive, machine tool equipment, measurement and control, optoelectronics, electronics, medical and other industries, as well as the reducer robot industry, the development of cross roller bearings provides a larger market space. Luoyang bearing industry uses its own R & D advantage, continuous technological innovation, research and development of new product performance, improve production efficiency.In the context of market opportunities for internationalization, set their foundation for the favorable industry position with products. 

However, most of the domestic reducers are low-end products at present. High-end reducers such as harmonic speed reducers, RV speed reducers, and robot speed reducers currently rely mainly on imported brands, especially the robots and aerospace fields that have emerged in recent years.LCD, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc are pursuit light-weight limit. With the limition of height of the system's production line, they are pursuing ultra-thin limits. The high-end reducers used in these industries also tend to be high-precision, small-sized, combined, and fully functional. These higher-end gearheads require higher and more specialized requirements.

With the rapid development of domestic industrial automation, Bai Na Bearings spotted the gap in the domestic field of harmonic reducer bearings.They are relying on its own strong technical development and production capabilities, developed a series of cross roller bearing products after years of efforts in the precision crossed roller bearing industry.And form a complete set of crossed roller bearing product systems with their own characteristics, which can completely replace similar foreign bearing products and meet the needs of users at home and abroad.